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Corporate Social Responsibility

SDX Energy is committed to best international standards in corporate social responsibility (‘CSR’) and operates in a manner that promotes an improvement to the social welfare of the regions in which it operates as well as conducting its business responsibility.

Our Approach

SDX Energy recognises that conducting business and operations in a responsible manner is a key determinant of the long-term success of the business and as such corporate responsibility for the Company has a practical and ethical dimension. Our approach takes into consideration all our key stakeholders and the economic, environmental and social impacts of any business decisions to ensure we are in line with best international practice.

Bribery Act

Statement on bribery prevention and anti-corruption

SDX Energy is committed to acting fairly, ethically and with integrity in all territories in which it does business.

The policy of SDX Energy is not to engage in or tolerate bribery in any form within our organisation or within organisations that it does business with.

All officers, staff and contractors are required to comply with our anti-bribery policy and we expect all third parties whom we engage to do business on our behalf to take account of our anti-bribery policy and to act in accordance with its provisions when carrying out work on our behalf.

The Board of SDX Energy has overall responsibility for bribery prevention within the Group and will closely monitor the effectiveness of its anti-bribery programme.